Understanding Medicaid

.... and How You Can Avoid Them!

Discover The Eight Mistakes Families Make When Paying for Long-Term Care

This FREE report reveals the steps you should take right now to protect your hard-earned savings and provide the best possible care for your loved one.

Inside this free guide, you'll uncover:

  • The Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid (...and What it Means for You)
  • Common Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Qualification for Medicaid
  • Why Giving Away Your Assets Can Create Headaches...Unless it's Done Just Right
  • How Spousal Protections Play an Important Role in Proper Planning
  • Why it's Almost Never Too Late to Plan...Regardless of Where Your Loved One is on The Elder Care Journey
  • and Much More!
Cover of the "Understanding Medicaid" guide by Great Lakes Center for Estate Planning featuring happy seniors and families.
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