Settling an Estate Through Probate

When You Need it Most

The Information You Need

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without the added stress of having to make important financial decisions while grieving. If you are faced with the prospect of probating a loved one’s estate, chances are you have plenty of questions. This free report has the answers. 

Inside this free guide, you'll uncover:

  • What probate is and what the process involves
  • How much probate costs
  • How long it takes to complete a "typical" probate
  • The types of assets that DON’T have to go through probate
  • The duties and responsibilities of the Executor
  • Whether or not you need a lawyer to settle an estate through probate
  • The biggest mistakes people make during probate
  • and Much More!
An elderly couple reviewing documents with an advisor on the cover of "An Introduction to Settling an Estate Through Probate" guide.
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