Special Needs Planning

Navigating The Complexities Of Special Needs To Protect Your Loved One

At Great Lakes Estate Planning, we understand the unique challenges and complexities of Special Needs Planning. Our dedicated approach ensures your loved one is protected and provided for, with custom strategies designed to enhance their quality of life while securing their financial future. We navigate the legal landscape with compassion and precision, offering peace of mind that your family member with special needs will have the support they require for a life of opportunity and dignity.

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Ensuring A Secure Future

How To Leave Assets for Your Special Needs Child

Estate planning for a family with special needs children comes with a complex set of financial, social, and medical issues that some lawyers are ill-equipped to handle.

We at Great Lakes Center for Estate Planning PLC are dedicated to ensuring your child with special needs will be well taken care of when you are no longer able to serve as their primary caregiver.

Our team specializes in creating comprehensive special needs trusts and care plans that address every facet of your child's life, from daily living requirements and medical care to financial stability and personal fulfillment. We're committed to crafting a plan that not only meets their immediate needs but also paves the way for a thriving future.

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Special Needs Trusts

Crafting Tailored Special Needs Trusts

One “Catch-22” situation that typically arises in estate planning for those with special needs is how to leave enough money to pay for the massive amount of care and support a special needs loved one typically needs throughout their lifetime, while not disqualifying them from government benefits like Medicaid and Supplemental Social Security Income.

If you leave a large lump sum of money directly to a special needs child, immediately there are concerns about how that might impact governmental assistance and whether your child is capable of managing finances on their own.

Fortunately, we have an estate planning tool called a “special needs trust” designed to provide supplemental financial resources for the child with physical or developmental disabilities without affecting their eligibility for public healthcare and income assistance benefits.

Secure Tomorrow Today

Special Needs Planning & Trusts

If you need estate planning for your child with Down Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, or any other developmental or intellectual disability, we are here to help you.

We will help you develop a sustainable living plan for your child with special needs that will provide them with the finances they need to live a full life, while preserving their access to government benefits.

Scheduling a meeting with our attorney is a simple, stress-free process designed to start you on the path to peace of mind. We'll guide you through every step, ensuring that setting up the right plan for your child is not just a hope, but a reality you can easily achieve with our support.

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Committed to helping our clients simplify, protect & care for loved ones.

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