Customer Care Package

A Commitment To Your Ongoing Peace of Mind

The Great Lakes Customer Care Package embodies our pledge to your lasting ease and confidence. This integral part of our estate planning service provides continuous care, including annual reviews, legal updates, and dedicated assistance, all within our secure Legacy Vault. We don't just plan for the future; we partner with you for life, ensuring your estate plan adapts with you. Your peace of mind is our perpetual commitment.

Our Specialities

  • Asset Solutions
  • Estate Planning
  • Medicaid Crisis Planning
  • & More

Our Customer Care Package

Ongoing Support for Lifelong Assurance

With every Estate Planning package, we offer an exclusive opportunity: our complimentary Customer Care Package for the remainder of the year. This service extends beyond document creation; it is a commitment to your ongoing peace of mind. Anchored by the secure Legacy Vault via 'My Life and Wishes,' the package includes personalized assistance and annual reviews.

We are dedicated to adapting with your life's changes, offering complimentary updates to address legal alterations. Our pledge is to be your lawyer for life, forging a relationship that transcends mere paperwork. As the year ends, you can choose to continue this invaluable service, ensuring your estate plan remains a dynamic reflection of your evolving needs. It’s more than a maintenance program—it’s a perpetual partnership in securing your legacy.

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Let Our Experience Be Your Guide


Committed to helping our clients simplify, protect & care for loved ones.

Our Practice Areas

  • Asset Protection Planning

    Asset Protection Planning safeguards your wealth against unforeseen threats. It's a strategic approach to secure assets from creditors, lawsuits, and financial uncertainties.

  • Customer Care Package

    Our Customer Care Package enhances Estate Planning with a complimentary year of personalized support, including secure storage, annual reviews, and updates for legal changes—your lifelong legal partnership.

  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning ensures your legacy’s protection and peace of mind through comprehensive document preparation, future-proof strategies, and personalized legal guidance.

  • Medicaid Planning

    Medicaid Planning navigates healthcare costs, preserving assets while ensuring eligibility for benefits, offering strategic advice for long-term care preparation.

  • Planning For Your Children

    Planning for Your Children secures their future through tailored estate strategies, safeguarding assets and ensuring care in life’s unexpected moments.

  • Probate

    Probate manages and distributes a deceased’s estate, legally transferring assets to heirs, ensuring wishes are honored and legal requirements met.

  • Special Needs Planning

    Special Needs Planning creates secure futures for loved ones with disabilities, ensuring tailored care, financial protection, and quality of life enhancements.

  • Trust Administration

    Trust Administration efficiently manages and distributes estate assets according to the trust agreement, ensuring legal compliance and beneficiary satisfaction.

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