You Don't Have To Go Through Probate Alone – We’re Here For You

Probate can be a complex process, but with Great Lakes at the helm, it becomes a journey navigated with clarity and care. We handle estate settlement from validating wills to asset distribution, ensuring every step is transparent and aligned with the decedent's wishes. Let us guide you through the intricacies of probate, offering a compassionate, comprehensive service that honors your loved one's legacy.

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What Is Probate?

Understanding the Essentials of Probate

Probate is a court process for distributing estate assets after a person passes away. This process varies in oversight and can be unsupervised or supervised. In unsupervised probate, an appointed estate administrator is responsible for managing assets, repaying debts, and fulfilling other essential duties like filing tax returns and distributing assets to heirs.

If issues arise regarding the estate's administration, the court may intervene, necessitating supervised probate. In such instances, a probate judge is required to approve all actions concerning the estate’s administration, providing an additional layer of oversight to ensure fairness and adherence to the law.

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Every Estate Is Unique

Navigating Probate Duties After a Loss

  • Will

    Locate and file decedents' will (if he or she had one) with the local court

  • Documents

    File necessary probate documents with the court

  • Creditors

    Ascertain and then notify all known creditors of the estate

  • Personal Property

    Secure the descendant's residence and tangible personal property

  • Assets & Accounts

    Locate, inventory, custody, close and transfer personal assets and accounts

  • Appraisals

    Appraise and determine the value of all assets

  • Payments

    Make payments to creditors, discharge the decedent’s obligations and obtain creditor releases

  • Life Insurance

    Process and obtain life insurance death benefits, if any

  • Tax Returns

    File tax returns (federal and state) and make appropriate tax elections

  • Final Taxes

    Pay estate taxes and final personal income taxes, if any

  • Tax Releases

    Obtain tax releases and closing letters from the IRS, local courts and state taxing authorities

  • Distributions

    Make specific bequests, together with partial and final distributions, to beneficiaries.

  • Details

    Provide detailed accounting to beneficiaries and the local court

We Can Handle It For You

As you can well imagine, accomplishing all of this takes a great deal of time. When you factor in the grief that comes with losing a loved one, the situation can seem overwhelming.

You do not have to go through probate alone. We can guide you through the process and settle the estate as quickly and economically as possible, so you can focus on what is most important—coming to terms with your loss.

Contact us at your earliest convenience for a personal meeting to discuss your particular situation. You are not alone during this difficult time in your life.

Let Our Experience Be Your Guide


Committed to helping our clients simplify, protect & care for loved ones.

Our Practice Areas

  • Asset Protection Planning

    Asset Protection Planning safeguards your wealth against unforeseen threats. It's a strategic approach to secure assets from creditors, lawsuits, and financial uncertainties.

  • Customer Care Package

    Our Customer Care Package enhances Estate Planning with a complimentary year of personalized support, including secure storage, annual reviews, and updates for legal changes—your lifelong legal partnership.

  • Estate Planning

    Estate Planning ensures your legacy’s protection and peace of mind through comprehensive document preparation, future-proof strategies, and personalized legal guidance.

  • Medicaid Planning

    Medicaid Planning navigates healthcare costs, preserving assets while ensuring eligibility for benefits, offering strategic advice for long-term care preparation.

  • Planning For Your Children

    Planning for Your Children secures their future through tailored estate strategies, safeguarding assets and ensuring care in life’s unexpected moments.

  • Probate

    Probate manages and distributes a deceased’s estate, legally transferring assets to heirs, ensuring wishes are honored and legal requirements met.

  • Special Needs Planning

    Special Needs Planning creates secure futures for loved ones with disabilities, ensuring tailored care, financial protection, and quality of life enhancements.

  • Trust Administration

    Trust Administration efficiently manages and distributes estate assets according to the trust agreement, ensuring legal compliance and beneficiary satisfaction.

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