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From Corporate Law to Compassionate Estate Planning

Mary Ann Wehr's Professional Evolution & Personal Dedication

Before dedicating her career to estate planning, Mary Ann Wehr distinguished herself as an executive attorney at General Motors. Her tenure at one of the world’s leading automotive companies provided her with a broad legal perspective and invaluable experience in navigating complex corporate landscapes. Her time at General Motors equipped her with a strategic mindset and a meticulous approach to legal matters.


"In the heartache of loss, I found my true calling. By intertwining my legal expertise with a profound empathy forged through personal experience, I dedicate my practice to helping families navigate their most vulnerable times with dignity and hope." - Mary Ann Wehr, Estate Planning Attorney

Turning Point: A Personal Journey

Embracing Estate Planning Through Personal Loss

Mary Ann’s calling to estate planning unfolded against the backdrop of a deeply personal and transformative experience—the untimely death of her beloved son, James, a confident firefighter and paramedic who acquired COVID on the job, leading to his death on Christmas eve with his first baby on the way. Grieving the loss of James, Mary Ann found herself navigating the intricacies of his estate. This profoundly emotional and challenging period became the catalyst for her transition to estate planning.

A Heartfelt Commitment

Driven by Compassion: A Deeply Personal Dedication

In the midst of grief, Mary Ann discovered a new purpose. The emotional toll for his family who was faced with managing James’ affairs ignited a passion for helping others navigate similar challenges with empathy and legal expertise. Fueled by a desire to make a positive impact in the lives of families during vulnerable moments, Mary Ann redirected her career towards estate planning, aligning her professional journey with a profound personal calling.

Honoring a Son's Legacy

Mary Ann’s shift to estate planning became more than a career move; it became a heartfelt commitment to honor her son’s legacy through meaningful and compassionate service. By weaving her personal experiences into her professional practice, Mary Ann brings a unique blend of legal acumen and empathetic understanding to her clients, creating estate plans that reflect not only legal soundness but also the enduring values of the families she serves.

Legacy of Service Extended

Continuing a Legacy of Compassionate Guidance

Mary Ann’s time at General Motors, coupled with the personal journey of loss and renewal, has shaped her into an attorney who understands the importance of legacy—both in corporate settings and within the intimate sphere of family life. Today, as an estate planning attorney, Mary Ann continues to extend her legacy of service, ensuring that others can navigate the complexities of life transitions with resilience and foresight.

In merging her corporate background with her personal experiences, Mary Ann Wehr has emerged not only as a seasoned legal professional but as a compassionate guide, offering solace and expertise to those seeking to secure their legacies in the face of life’s inevitable uncertainties.

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